14 Legit Sites and Tools to Save Money Online

So the holidays are coming and you should be thinking about shopping, is it so? If yes then today I will tell you about some legit tools and websites that can save you money while you are shopping. There are many online tools and websites that gives you different offers and discounts that you can avail and by availing you will be able to save a lot of cash that you have earned by doing very hard work. It is very easy to save while you are shopping online by using the simple tools that I will tell you today. So starting from the 1st tool,

1- Honey

Honey is a very legit and effective tool that could be used for saving money while you are shopping online. It does not even have the process of getting discount every time you only have to do it once and the rest will be done automatically. You have to install the Honey extension on your browser and when you are finishing before checking out you have to click on Honey and it will search from all over the internet to give you coupons that will give you discounts. Honey will apply these coupons automatically and will give you the best possible price and you can then finish your shopping with a lot of saving. Honey works on many of the online stores so you do not have to worry about the options.

2- Ebates

This a website that gives the most cashback in the town. Ebates is the most famous online tool that helps you to get up to 20% cash back on your shopping. Everyone wants to save money so the steps to save money on Ebates you just have to sign up on their website which is some simple steps and then you will have a number of stores on which you can avail cash back. Search for your desired product on your desired store and you will have your cash back easily in your e-wallet.

3- Walmart saving Catcher

You would have used Walmart for shopping before, Walmart offers very good deals on some goods and gives you the best discount on many items although some people complain about shopping through Walmart because of their system of delivery and other technical issues. To come up with this Walmart has introduced Saving Catcher. Using this tool is quite amazing you just have to put the receipt number of the product you have bought to their website or you can either scan your receipt on their mobile app. After that they will search for the items you have bought and if their local competitors have put a lower rate than their rate then they pay you the cash in difference in the form of gift cards that you can use online on their store.

4- RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is a website that helps you to find the best coupons, by using these coupons you will never have to pay the full price on any of the item you are going to buy, coupons works very effectively always use RetailMeNot before checking out on any website because on this RetailMeNot website they got the best possible coupons available and you can avail them on your shopping website. It is simply quite amazing and easy to use.

5- Ibotta

Ibotta is somehow different from other cash back websites and applications, It is an application which can be installed both on android or IOS. You just have to download the app and sign up by giving some of your details. You have to do some simple task before you can avail discounts and Cash back. After that when you have unlocked the cash back for a certain store you can avail that by shopping from that store and to get your cash back into your Ibotta account you have to scan the receipt and you get the cash back. You can withdraw your Ibotta cash from PayPal or venom.


Upromise is another website that offers you cash back on shopping through their website. Getting cash back now a days is not so easy but these websites are making it easy. The process is quite simple and easy like others and the benefits that it gives are much worthy you can get cash back directly to your bank account. One other good option that Upromise is that you can transfer you cash back amount to some child Education saving accounts that will help these students to pay their fees in the coming future. Upromise is very easy to use and it is totally free used by many of people around the globe.

7-Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates is another cash back website like Ebates. The process of getting cash back is quite simple and easy. You just have to sign up on their website and you can start shopping and getting cash back. Your cash back is deposited in your account.This website has over 2000 online stores on their website from which you can earn cash back. The percentage of cash back depends upon the store so it would be a better idea to look into all the cask backs sites to get the most of the cash back using these tools.

8- CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is a tool that helps you to notify and track prices of products on Amazon. You should have been shopping from Amazon as it is the world largest online. You would have noticed that prices for some certain items fluctuates to a certain ratio in some time. So to catch them you can use CamelCamelCamel tool, you will just have to put the URL of the desired product or you can also search the product manually on CamelCamelCamel. This tool will help you to give you the lowest price of the product and it will notify you when the rates are lower you can also check the history of the rate fluctuation.

9- Amazon Warehouse Deals

This section of Amazon gives the best and most discounts on some products these products are the ones that are returned by the costumers or those products that are damaged during the delivery process. Each product has a grade given by Amazon after verifying their condition you can use this option of Amazon to get some very good deals. Isn’t it is amazing?

10- PriceJump

Shopping on Amazon has made life easier for many of the people and as Amazons gives the best price but due to the mass use of the eTrade it has now many competitors that are trying to give products in less prices to obtain costumers and attract them towards their stores. Savings.com’s Price Jump tools is a tool that helps you to find the lowest price from the competitors of Amazon. You just have to put the URL or the code of the product you want to buy from Amazon ad when you put the desired information on the PriceJump it will search the best possible price from the competitors of Amazon. It is quite easy and free to use. It is relatively new than the others but they are giving the best they can.

11- Groupon

Groupon is an international eTrade website which gives its subscribers the best possible deals by directly connecting to the manufactures around the world. By subscribing to their emails you can keep yourself up to date about the daily offers that they give. Groupon is a very god option for money saving while you are shopping online because they give you the best deals on products that you will want.

12- Living Social

It is another website that gives you the best deals for shopping on goods and services. It works the same like Groupon, you have to subscribe to their emails and they will update you with the deals they are having every day, subscription is mandatory because this is the only way that these website can earn. Due to the competition between these websites you can have the best possible deals from these websites so before checking out do compare the offers on each site.

13- Craigslist

Craigslist is the most easy to use website for selling and buying products where you do not even need an account to purchase or sale anything. You can avail thousands of awesome deals and discounts on craigslist website. You can check their freebies section where people put their free items which you collect and re sell or repair. So Craigslist is always in the option for money saving whenever you are shopping online for anything you want.

14- Top Cash Back

Top Cash Back is another website to earn a healthy amount of cash back. The website is easy and simple and you can earn a lot of cash back very easily. This website claims that they give the most cash back than any other website in USA. So it is a good idea that before checking out you should also take a look of Top Cash Back because the cash back varies for every store on every website.

So these were the 14 legit tools and sites that could be used for saving money while you are shopping online. Make sure you use them all. Do not forget to comment in the comment section below and do share your experiences of getting discounts and pay backs using these tools and sites.

Have a good day!