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BirchBox: New Brand

Birch Box a subscription box service, which has been providing makeup subscription boxes to its customers for five years, has recently opened its ow makeup brand by the name of LOC in the UK.

Birch Box is one of the leading subscription beauty products boxes. Birch Box has been for quite some time on the forefront of the makeup trends and thus are perfect for the development of beauty products.

LOC stands for “love of colour” and is the brand name by which BirchBox has debuted into the market. Their aims are high. They hope to make the make up trends available to all. The makeup is fully developed by BirchBox and will allow you to scale new heights of beauty and a t much cheaper rate at that.

The launch collection of BirchBox is starting two main products. The vibrant matte lipstick and the One and Done Eyeshadow. The items are produced in a size that is supposed to last you a whole season,

In the late 2015 BirchBox launched LOC in the USA with collaboration of makeup artist and a YouTube star Tati Westbrook.

We really enjoyed the products of LOC by BirchBox. And can guarantee you will love them too.


Is Personal Loan Good for Me?

Unless you were born to suck with a silver spoon and spend your early life in Kashmir clothes, you will have to borrow at some point in your adult life. It may be that you realize your dreams of buying a house or car. You may want to consolidate existing loans or improve your financial situation.

Like all borrowing options, personal loans have pros and cons, Depending on your personal circumstances. Personal loans offer a lot of choices for individuals, but other options may be better for you financially.

When deciding whether a personal loan is right for you, it is best to work out exactly how much you need to borrow and for what purpose. When these things are clear, you will be in the best position to understand which financial system is right for you.

Go through personal loans and let the Guru be your guide.

Major Reasons for Taking Personal Loan

Home improvements

A wedding

A car

Credit consolidation

A holiday

With any loan, remember to mention the total cost before you get involved in anything. An interest rate will be advertised for all loans. However, the advertised Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be available to the 51% of people who accept the loan, i.e. 49% will offer a lower attractive rate than advertised.

Also check out the additional fees that can be used when setting up a loan. Includes initial repayment fees – the fees you will incur if you repay your loan sooner than agreed – and arrangement fees, which sometimes apply to setting up a loan by the lender.

Benefits Which You Get Through Personal Loans

Personal loans are also known as ‘signature loans’. There are many reasons why some people prefer other ways to raise funds.

1-Personal loans are often unsecured:

2-Personal loans offer numerous loan options:

3-Personal loans can be used for many purposes

Personal loans are often unsecured:

Although it is possible to arrange a safe personal loan, many personal loans are unsafe. This means you do not have to network your house or car. As for the secured loan, the assets must be kept in order to obtain the loan. This means that you are likely to lose your assets in the future if you are unable to repay the loan as agreed with the lender.

Personal loans offer numerous loan options:

Although much depends on the individual applying for the loan, personal loans often offer more options than other ways to raise funds. The borrower’s credit history will be taken into account, but in general, compared to other borrowing methods, personal loans typically have a wide range of amounts, interest rates and repayment periods.

Personal loans can be used for many purposes:

To apply for a personal loan you usually need to give a reason to the lender. These include home improvements, the need for money for a car, wedding or vacation. You can use the loan for debt consolidation – combine your debts into a regular payment. Some people apply for personal loans when unforeseen expenses, such as emergency animal bills, increase.

Some Alternatives to Personal Loan

Personal loans are not for everyone. Some people may have better ways to raise capital, i.e. less credit and less chance of getting into debt overall. Alternatives to personal loans include:

Credit cards


Mortgage refinancing

Pay in advance

Budget debt

Local welfare assistance

Credit cards

The credit card has similarities with credit, which provides an alternative way of borrowing from the lender. In simple terms, credit card users have the right to pay the outstanding amount of money spent on the card. Failure to do so will result in interest on the amount you borrow.


The overdraft is actually a type of agreement between you and your bank. This allows you to withdraw money that is not in your account. The amount you can withdraw should be determined by your bank before your overdraft is accepted. The borrower is usually charged for the privilege of being allowed to borrow excessively. Please note, such as an ‘unplanned’ overdraft, where the borrower is an overdraft, but they do not have an overdraft approved by their bank beforehand, however you should avoid using them as they may come with very high fees.

Debt budget

If you have income support, pension loan, job seeker’s allowance or employment and support allowance, you may be eligible for a budget loan. These are designed to help people buy essentials when they are on a low income through short- or long-term unemployment

Local welfare assistance

You can seek the help of your local welfare department. Like budget loans, local welfare assistance should help those on lower incomes so individuals can claim ownership of food, clothing and other essentials. You can request local welfare assistance if you are on a job seeker’s pay, employment and support allowance, pension loan, income support or global loan.

Are Payday Loans a Risk or a Quick Fix?

Salary loans can be an attractive way to get instant cash and quick credit, but we will show you how risky they are with high interest rates and extortion schemes, and look at alternative ways.

What Is Mean By Payday Loans?

Small loans (under 1,000) are short-term loans with funds guaranteed by your next paycheck. Most seven-day loans last a maximum of 31 days, some only seven days.

Getting a payday loan online is easy. For example, to apply with Txt loan you only need to provide some basic details including your bank account details. They demand that you register once and then you can send a text message and you will receive instant money in your bank account.

The only conditions with these are that you must be a UK resident, at least 18 years old, working and earning at least $ 400 per month and you must have a valid bank account, mobile phone and email address. However, they usually do not lend to anyone who has a CCJ or has been bankrupt for the past 18 months.

Emerging market

The payroll loan industry has really shunned after the debt crisis. According to a report by Consumer Focus, the number of payroll borrowers has quadrupled in the last four years.

The popularity of payday loans is understandable – the problem with the unsecured credit market is that lenders are now really, really interested in who they lend to. Anyone with a credit rating defect can be excluded from major lenders, meaning that for some there is no one other than payday lenders.

The problem is, these loans have extortionate rates and it is very easy to create a terrible debt burden if you can’t pay it off immediately. Even if you can pay off the loan quickly, it still costs a staggering amount of interest.

How Much These Loans Cost?

At face value, some salary loans may seem like an attractive deal.

For example, in Txt loan, you pay interest 17 interest on a £ 100 loan and repay it after 15 days. It is cheaper than some unauthorized overdraft bank account fees. However, with a hefty 4474% APR and a கட்டணம் 1 handling fee per text (see here), this deal is not so great.

Thames Financial payday loans offer payroll loans ranging from pay 50 to 750. They act as a broker, looking for multiple providers on your behalf. So the terms and conditions you receive from Thames Financial vary because they deal with different types of lenders. No matter what deal they come up with, always check the small print – especially the APR rate, because it can be very high.

Quidtil payday offers instant loans ranging from 80 to 750. Like Thames Accounting, regular APR varies – check it out!

Payday finder offers instant loans ranging from 80 to 750. On an AP 100 loan you will repay 125, with the regular APR being 1770% larger.

The usual APR on is an eye-watering 4,214% APR. There is a 50 5.50 transfer fee to pay, but the total cost depends on how long you want the loan. For example, if you want £ 100 for more than 7 days you have to repay 2 112.78, but if you want to pay more than 31 days you have to repay 7 137.76.

Misleading APRs

It is true that these APRs (annual percentage rates) are misleading as they are used to calculate interest for more than 12 months – which is not very helpful when the payday loan period is not more than 31 days. See here for Wonga’s explanation of why payroll loan APRs are so high.

However, the use of payday loans serves as a reminder that APRs are still the most expensive way to borrow money from a credit card, and if you trust them they may start to leave a bigger credit problem than you.

The other problem with salary loans is that the entire amount is repaid at once, which can put you in a similar position for the next month. So, when you find that you are not able to repay the loan, when the big fees start to go bad.

What Can Happen IF Someone Can’t Repay The Loan?

If you are unable to repay the loan, you will soon be in big trouble. This is where the nails come out and the payroll companies start making their money.

If after 15 days on Txt loan they are unable to withdraw money from your account, you will be immediately charged with:

Day 17: They send out the first late reminder including over 25 admin fees and daily interest charges 13 1.13, now the loan total is 3 143.13

Day 27: Over 25 Second late reminder including administration and interest rate, loan now stands at 9 179.47 Total

Day 45: Loan total 199.87

Day 46: They refer the loan to a debt collection company, which incurs an additional £ 47 administrative fee and transaction fee. The loan total is 7 247, and you will have to pay extra fees to that company.

Worse still, Txt loan will try to withdraw money from your bank account during this period, so you may face charges from your bank every time the funds increase otherwise the transaction increases, typically 20 – £ 40 a trip.

If the first missed fee on is £ 20 and then £ 17.50 they are unable to pay by 5pm on the same day, the matter will be sent immediately to a collection company. However, one good thing is that you will not be charged continuously until you repay (unlike others), but you will pay interest up to 60 days on your balance.

There are some real horror stories about people using payday loans, not being able to repay on time and ending up in a real mess – here are some posts about Cash Genie that make for a bad read.

Why You Need to Steer Clear?

The problem with any short-term loan or payday loan is that you don’t really solve the real problem – if you find it difficult to pay your bills every month and your paycheck doesn’t cover all your expenses, payday loans are the worst things to do alone.

If you are determined to take out a payday loan, you should only do this to cover the emergency and only when you are confident that you can repay it within the agreed time. With high APRs like this and comprehensive fees for late payments, it can be easy to see that using a payday loan can overwhelm your credit control, so they really should be a last resort.

Some Alternatives to Payday Loans

Now that we (hopefully!) Have put aside the idea of ​​a payday loan, look at some alternative ways to borrow money:

0% Credit Card: Use 0% credit card for interest free expenses if you have sufficient credit record to get 0% contract (check your record here before applying). It is basically an interest free loan until you clear the outstanding amount within the introductory period. The Tesco Club Card credit card (regular 18.9% APR) offers the longest 0% grace period for purchases in 16 months. Among other great purchases, Sainsbury’s credit card offers six months for the first 15 months of balance transfers and purchases and 12 months with Virgin 12/12 card for purchases and balance transactions at 0% rate.

A bank account overdraft: If your credit rating is good, you can also borrow cheaply on the approved overdraft in your bank account. For example, Santander’s preferred overdraft rate account offers 12 months of 0% overdraft until you convert all your direct debits and pay 1,000 per month.

Social Credit: Ignore the banks altogether and beat them up by borrowing from your peers instead! Sofa is the first online financial marketplace that brings together individual borrowers and lenders. As a SOBA member you will be placed in the ‘risk category’ by checking the loan and applying for the best fees for the applicants who can get more loans. Get all the details to become a sofa borrower here. Also, find out more about other social credit sites like Yes-Secure here.

Credit Unions: These are our favorite options. Credit unions are somewhere between a bank and a cooperative. The idea behind the credit union is like a sofa, the credit union benefits mutual buyers and savers. Members save their money to the union for a good, reliable income, and that money is given to other members at an affordable price. So lenders get good interest rates on their money, and borrowers do not have to pay over the roof for the loan.

You must be an established member of a credit union and have already set up a savings account before you can get a loan, so find one near you on the Find Your Credit Union website. Seriously, credit unions are a fantastic option for anyone, but especially if you are struggling. Go now and find your local one.

Online Pound Brokers: A pound broker is rarely a great first option if you want to raise money, but they are generally better than payday lenders. Online pound brokers like offer low interest rates and there is no penalty for early repayment, which is worth considering as a quick fix. Pound brokers work by giving you a percentage of the value of a particular item (mostly jewelry) over a period of time, during which the lender receives interest and you can repay the loan at maturity, and repay the interest and your item. The loan is protected against the item you handed over, so if you do not repay the loan, they have that item. 62 days still offers the best deal because it will allow you to sell an item to them, even if it is less than what you would say to a jewelry store or eBay, but you have the option to repurchase it within 62 days for the price.

Let Get Started

It is helpful to check your credit rating first whenever you apply for funding. Go to one of the credit reference agencies to get a copy of your record – you can get a 30 day free subscription to Credit expert – to find out where any problems are and correct any mistakes. If your rating is bad, there are many ways you can improve it, which will help you access better interest rates and deals.

If you often get into debt, we have some tips for getting your bank account back in black.

If you are really having trouble making a decision, take the time to make sure you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to – you can do this in minutes with Turn2Userge. You can talk to free loan charities to get some help on a budget. See National Debt line, Citizen Service and Consumer Credit Advice.

The Best Ways to Make Money from Your Shed

If you haven’t had a foot in it for years, it may be full of tools and garden tools. But did you know that shaking the tree at the base of your garden can make you extra money?

We explored the intriguing world of shed work, and the results surprised us. There are actually number of possibilities to turn your dilapidated shed into a lucrative source of income.

Shed working Revolution

It may seem strange to use your shed for anything other than storing gardening tools. But many have transformed themselves into a productive alternative workplace. Full websites are dedicated to do this!

Alex Johnson, author of The Independent Home Friend Property Column, runs, a daily updated guide for people working in plantation offices and elsewhere.

Johnson started the site in 2006 after returning to the UK from Madrid with a growing family. I explored the then smallest garden office market and decided that was the way forward. Two months later, it seemed to me that there might be others on the same boat. So I started a PDF magazine, The Shed, and later a shed-working site (which promoted the book),”he explains.

Over a decade, the whole idea of ​​shed work has grown exponentially, and so has Johnson’s site. Since his first post in October 2006, Johnson has covered every aspect of the barn transition, interviewed barn workers around the world, and published an inspirational book, Shed-Working: The Alternative Workplace Revolution.

Contribution to GDP

However, one of Johnson’s most interesting articles to date was a 2010 post in which he shared the fact that shed-workers contribute $ 6.1 billion to the UK economy.

Based on the findings of his poll, Johnson also revealed some interesting statistics surrounding shed-based businesses:

The average revenue of the shed-based business for the last financial year was 76,449

An estimated 80,000 workers are estimated to be based in plantation sheds and outbuildings in the UK

Almost (61.3%) of all the shed-based businesses are usually run by single traders, with 32.3% employing 2-5 workers

Of the more than 500 shed workers who voted for the study, 74% said they planned to stay in their sheds indefinitely.

Seven years later, shed work is becoming more popular. While Johnson has not had the opportunity to gather the most recent figures, there is reason to believe that its impact on the UK economy is still interesting.

Finally, he hopes that this frantic lifestyle that we have become accustomed to will soon subside.

Shed-Base Business Which You Should Consider

Here are some ideas for businesses you can run from your shed:


Go for the craft beer channel by turning your backyard barn into a bastard liquor. If you do not really have one, you can always invest in this full-painted liquor barn provided by Tiger sheets.

Creative Studio

Whether you are a designer, jewelry maker, artist or writer, you know that having an inspiring place to work brings wonders to the creative process. What better organization than your own garden? In fact, if this Guardian article has anything to go on, turning sheds into studios has long been popular among creators.

List on AIRBNB

Like pop-up restaurants, people will always look for something weird and interesting when traveling on an airplane. Clean your shed a good spring and then kit for guests. Remember to install at least one toilet and bathroom for this, but there may also be a kitchen.

Urban Chicken Cob

First of all, this is not a good idea for anyone living very close to their neighbors. But, if you got a very large garden having some extra sort of space, then running your own poultry coop and selling ‘farm-fresh eggs’ can become a roaring business.

Try to read different type of guide on how to keep your own chickens and read this post by Simple Living Country Call for some tips for collaborating on your shed.

Space for shoots

If your shed is spacious, beautiful, well-maintained, or run-down and creepy, it can serve as a location for movie galleries or photo shoots. This will involve a lot of foot traffic through your home and garden. But the money earned is worth it.

Garden Office

Do you play with the idea of ​​having to work from home full time? Instead of trying to duplicate your guest bedroom office, you can always rebuild your shed.

Doc Grooming Business

If you love animals and have a large, safe garden, dogs can roam freely and safely. To set up a dog parlor in your shed, you will need a reliable water supply, a large bath / basin or two and a sturdy table for drying, cutting and trimming their coatings.

Yoga Studio & Retreat

If you’ve always dreamed of your own health retreat, you don’t have to look much further than your back garden. Since you can’t accommodate more people at a time, your unique angle may be unique. The main purpose here is to create a place that is airy, welcoming and quiet. Add a window or two to keep the temperature mild throughout the year, and consider air conditioning and heating.

Storage warehouse

At the end, there is always a chance for you to make money by using your shed for its intended purpose; Storage. However, instead of leaving your own things there, you will help others by keeping them safe.

Best Ways to Transform You’re Shed

Before you start making money from your shed, you will have to spend a reasonable amount to replace it.

Here are some things to keep in mind:


No matter what kind of business you run from you, you will need electricity. If you are not a qualified electrician or have a natural involvement in these types of things, it is best to seek professional help. After all, you don’t want your work to be disrupted or worse, the unfortunate accident of casting a shadow over your new endeavor.

Heat / air-con

If you do not run something like a yoga studio, it is a good idea to install a heating / air-con. For most businesses a heater will do the work in the winter and a fan in the summer.


If you run any desktop based business, you will definitely need an internet connection. However, if the whole idea is to escape distractions, you may want to avoid it altogether.

Tools for your business

Of course, you need to completely evacuate your shed for your business. So, if you are using this as a base for your catering company, you need a safe, clean and spacious kitchen layout. If you are designing and sewing wedding dresses, you need a large sewing table, good lighting and plenty of storage space for clothes.

The best thing to do is to make a comprehensive list of all the requirements and the list of things that can add value following it. Once you have selected everything, you can go to your new shed work area and add the rest as you go.

Rules and regulations

Finally, if you are going to run any retail / catering / food / beverage business from your home, you should check with your local authority regarding any zoning regulations. Also, if you are going to work with food, you must comply with health and safety regulations, as well as apply for certain licenses. The Food Standards Company has a comprehensive start documentation to help you.

Case study:

We caught up with Dan Fry from The Molding Bottle to learn more about the chocolate workshops he offers at his garden shed.

This is what she had to say:

Can you provide a quick summary of what you are doing in the melting pot?

The Melting Pot offers chocolate making workshops for adults, children and teams.

I don’t make chocolates to sell, most people think I do this, but I offer workshops. Under my instruction people come and create their own miracles.

This has proven to be an excellent formula. I am now teaching others how to run workshops from where they live, and have created a ‘candy box business’.

What did you use your shed for before you came home to the melting pot? Also, how big is your shed?

Our family cave before the shed. We have three children and a small terrace house. So having friends and family as they grow up is a great big place or a place to play. There were lots of treats for kids and adults alike. This continues to this day.

This shed is 5m x 6m and was built by my husband Joe.

How did you decide to move your shed to work?

I saw some friends using their sheds for businesses, which made me think about running my own.

Frustrated with the part-time job, I try to meet the needs of my family. I wanted to create a business that would be fun and flexible. Because I love cooking, I know it has to be food related and I want to add people. I really enjoy meeting different people and not wanting to work on my own.

I actually woke up one day thinking, ‘Chocolate, it has to work!’

As soon as I made that decision, I learned about how you trained as a chocolate maker, some courses, and started planning my business on paper, while at the same time working part-time. It was early 2009 – in June of the same year I was fired from my job and decided it was now or never, and went for it. I have no redundancy package to finance my new business, but I did my training and started that September.

I was totally scared, but for many reasons this is the best thing I have ever done. The wonderful opportunities of working with chocolate have personally acquired me. It was completely flexible when my family was growing up and this is what I wanted at first.

How long did the change take? Can you name some of the changes that need to be made? What is the hard part?

The structure of the shed was already there, which was usable for my business. To create a storage area, we nailed a false wall to the main body of the shed. Then we added the underfloor heating, the floor and the water supply of the mains, painted and beautiful.

It already had electricity.

We did this for over two months in the summer of 2009.

The hard part is worrying that the value of the investment is worth it. There is no funding behind us, it is the height of the recession. I use invaluable resources to get started and untested business concept!

What do you like most about your workplace?

I like my work place because it is home, but not home. I am down to the garden and can find my own house, but I am in my own precious place.

The overview is so beautiful, it always smells like chocolate!

This is my place, but I share it with others. This is the place where we should go for fun and good times. So it has a very positive atmosphere and it also has a pretty quiet feel.

Are you recommending your shed as a place to work for other entrepreneurs? SO, why?

If you have a business idea and would like to go for it I recommend reusing your shed.

My husband and I hope your work will be one that you can enjoy doing if you can. On the back of my success in chocolate workshops he offers his fake courses.

Working from your shed is flexible, the commute is also so much creative and you’ll love to work.

Tips For Getting A Christmas Letter From Santa For Free

We spoke to JustFreeStuff who came up with ways you can receive a free Christmas Letter  from the North Pole from Santa!

Santa is very busy during the last part of the year.

The elves are all busy making toys, and working long hours and late into the night to ensure that your presents get there on time. Rudolph along with the other reindeer are getting prepared to take their long journey, and making decisions on which snacks to take with them and reviewing their navigational skills.

The year’s wrapping paper is being chosen by Santa and Mrs Claus is scolding Santa to eat fewer of the mince pies this year that people leave out for him (since he might have gained a bit of extra weight last year).

Although the North Pole is really far away, it is still possible to write a Christmas Card or Letter to Santa – in fact he really loves hearing from people!

Royal Mail: Free Santa Letter

Royal Mail makes it possible for you to receive a letter from Santa for just the cost of a stamp. Here is where you should send your letters:

  • Father/Santa Christmas
  • Reindeer Land

Be sure to:

  • Use a stamped envelope
  • Use the right address
  • Have your complete address and your child’s name included.


One thing that is worth noting is that it isn’t guaranteed that Santa will be able to reply to every single letter, due to the massive volumes that are sent to him. To help improve your chances of getting a reply, be sure to send your letter prior to the cut-off date.


Santa Charity Letters

During the festive, fun period, it is very important to not forget those who are less fortunate than you are. Donation letters coming from Santa (with all of the proceeds going to charity) is an excellent way to get children excited about Christmas, and also to think of those who are less fortunate than they are.

National Society for the Protection of Children (NSPCC)

Every year, a Letter from Santa scheme is run by the NSPCC, where your child can get a letter from Santa for a small £5 donation fee. That money can make a big difference for the charity and also helps to provide children all over the UK to have a nice Christmas. All of the letters are personalised for every child to make it a very unique and special gift.

Royal National Institue of Blind People (RNIB)

A similar program is run by the RNIB, where partially sighted and blind children get letters in their preferred format from Santa. The fairies and elves at the RNIB love to make sure that all of the children are contacted by Santa, so they assist Santa by sending replies out in braille (uncontracted or contracted), as an audio CD or in large print.

Your letters should be sent to:

Santa Claus
Midgate House


Be sure that your letter includes the following information:

  • Child’s name, postal address, and age
  • Contact phone number
  • Whether the reply should be written in Welsh or English
  • What letter format is required

Saturday 1st December is the closing date for the letters, so be sure to get yours in prior to then in order to avoid any disappointment.

Although receiving a letter from Santa is free, pleased make a donation to help the RNIB be able to continue doing its work. For more information, go to their website and check out their Letter from Santa web page.

East Anglia’s Children Hospices (EACH)

An annual scheme is also run by EACH where children get personalised letters from Santa, in addition to a Christmas activity that they can do for a £5 minimum donation. Every donation provides support and care to life-threatened children, young individuals and their families in East Anglia.

To learn more and to get Your Letter ordered, visit the EACH website.

Free Calls and Videos from Santa

There is a free service called Portable North Pole that lets you receive personalised phone calls and videos from Santa himself. Available on an app and the computer, Portable North Pole is an excellent way to provide Christmas with some added magic.

It isn’t only for children! PNP also provides adults with fun, personalised videos.

Check out the various phone calls and videos that are available to make this a very special Christmas.

Free Santa Letter Printable Templates

Use one of these templates to make your letter to Father Christmas extra special.

There are 20 Free Printable Santa Letter Templates that Spaceships and Laser Beams found for you to use. Some are blank so that your children’s imaginations can run wild, and there are also some that are fill-in-the-blank to give them a good start.

Track The Location Of Santa On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Even the fun continues as you follow the progress of Santa on Google’s Santa Tracer. Each day in December new daily activities get added for children to participate in. The no Christmas Eve they will be able to use Google Maps to follow Santa as he makes his trip around the world.

11 Effective and Legit Ways of Getting Free Stuff

Today, I am going to tell you about 11 of the most legit ways by which you can get your hands on free stuff. To get free stuff you can simply join rewards programmes, could take surveys and much more. The free stuff that you may get includes movies, gift cards, food, hotel rooms and groceries. We usually need a lot of stuff in our daily life and many a times we are looking for discount and offers so that we could stay in our budget. But how amazing would it be, if we could get the things for free. So, let’s start,

Sample Products

One of the simplest way of getting your hands on free stuff is to look for sample products. There are a number of ways by which you can get sample products, you can simply search online for sample products from the manufacturer’s sites and big manufacturers like Procter & Gamble and Unilever will mail you the sample products. Another place to get free samples online is and Amazon, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can buy sample boxes in a number of different categories and the amount you will spend on these items will be adjusted in to your Amazon account as Amazon Credit that could be redeemed for selected items.

You can also get samples from your local stores, wholesale clubs are one of the best place where you can get free samples. For example, you can visit Costco, Nordstrom and Macy’s to get free samples.


Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are not only the places to buy stuff, you can also get free stuff from them if you know how. By simply searching the sites like craigslist, Facebook and Nextdoor you can find a lot of free stuff. Sometimes people want to get rid of a thing so badly that they won’t wait for a buyer to come, they simply give that for free so that they could get rid of it. So you can easily find this type of advertisement where people are giving their stuff for free. The stuff you can get for free from these sites may include appliances, plans, furniture etc.


Library Card

Your library card is not limited to the library and books and it could help you to get your hands on free stuff. A library card can help you to get access of educational and entertainment resources. You can get audiobooks, games, movies, music, classes, museums and more from your valid library card.


Online Surveys

One of the simplest way of getting free stuff is to fill up online survey forms. All you need is a limited time in your daily routine and you only need to provide your opinion about a specific topic and for this you can get gift cards, cash and entries in sweepstakes. You can take your start from sites like Global Test Market or Swagbucks.


Credit Card Rewards

If you have rewards credit card then it is the time to cash in on your credit card rewards. You get points for every euro you spend and the points can be redeemed for things like gift cards, hotel stays and flights. Each card has its own advantages, so you need to check your options that what kind of facilities and free stuff you could get from your credit card.


Loyalty Programmes

If you are regular customer of a store or a retailer then you must sign up for their loyalty program because most of the stores are willing to give away discounts and offers to their loyal customers. You can enjoy special treats on your birthday from your favourite retailers and you can also get special offers based on the amount you sent. You can get stuff like free food, free shipping, gift cards and movies tickets.


Food Holidays

Do you know that there is a food holiday for almost every food in the country, so this could be your chance to get your hands on free food. Almost every restaurant participate in this food event and thus they either give it away for free or they hold a discount on that food. You can get updates from social media pages of the restaurants and food chains. For instance, Cinnabon is a restaurant that participated in the National Coffee day in September and gave away a free cup of coffee to every customer.


Freebies or Cashback Apps

The freebies and cashbacks apps can help you save hundreds of euros easily. An app named as Shopkick will pay you for visiting stores, making purchases or even viewing products. You will earn points for all the activities and you can then redeem these for gift cards that could be used on famous retailers like Target and Starbucks.



Coupons can help you to get discounts on a variety of different products but coupons are not only limited to this as they can help you to get freebies too. Many brands and famous stores have offers like buy one get one free, free items or free gift with a purchase. So a coupon is required to avail these offers which you can get from online sources or you can wait for the Sunday newspaper to get your hands on the coupons.



Sweepstakes are one of the easy way of getting free stuff by investing a very little amount or sometimes even for free. You can get amazing gifts like concert tickets, vacations, gift cards and even a dream home. There is a little chance of winning in some type of sweepstakes but I still encourage you to join these sweepstakes because they are easier to join and if you win the reward is much higher. Sometimes you can enter a sweepstake by only tagging a brand or sometime by leaving a product review. So always look for sweepstakes from your favourite companies and make sure that you read all the term and conditions before entering a sweepstake so that it is worth it.


Free trails Subscriptions

There are many subscriptions that offer free trails for their services, although they could be expensive at times but you can control it by only using the service in trail period. You can get your hands on free audiobooks, snacks, free TV, music streaming, coffee and meals by just signing up for free trails. If you sign up for Netflix, they offer a free one month trail and the crunch fitness also offers a one day free gym pass. You can avail all these free trails but make sure that you cancel on the right time so that you won’t be charged.


Top Companies to Consolidate Your Student Loan

Student Loans, Student Loans written on a chalkboard with chalk and a grad cap

With the increasing costs of colleges, the number of students that take loans are also increasing day by day. Students take federal and private loans to pay their college cost and according to a report almost 70% of the students take loans to pay their college costs. So with the rapid increase of this number there are people who want to return the loan and it is sometimes difficult to do so.

One of the best way to decrease the amount of the debt you own is to refinance your debt. A simple refinance can help you save hundreds of dollars that you had to pay in the form of interest and now you can also get a lower interest rate. There are many companies that you can use to refinance your loan, each company has its own terms and conditions with different requirements and payment rates. With so many different options available it is easy to choose the cheapest option with the lowest rates.

If you have a federal loan then make sure that before you refinance that loan, you check all the benefits that comes with these type of loans because if you will refinance a federal student loan then you will lose all these benefits. For instance you can apply for a loan forgiveness program if you have a federal student loan.

So let us talk about some of the companies that you can use to refinance your student loan. Starting from the 1st,

1- SoFi

SiFi is one of the famous loan refinancing company. They are one of the pioneer in this industry and have helped many people to save a very big amount. The company was started in 2011 by students of Stanford in order to help their fellows to pay off their student loans. Now they are provide student loans and are trusted by the students and they also offer refinancing for personal loans, mortgage loans and student loans. Apart from that they also offer life insurance and can help you to compare rates offered by different companies. One of the best thing about SoFi is that you can refinance your loan for a lower amount if your credit score is 650 or more. There are certain other requirements but you can simply fill up a form to know what rates you can get.

There are many benefits of using SoFi, they offer low interest rates in comparison to other companies. The time duration can be in between 5 years to 20 years depending upon the amount you are borrowing. You can take a minimum loan of 5 thousand dollars for a federal or a private loan. Another benefit of using is that when you will choose the option of Autopay, you will get a discount of 0.25% on your interest rate. Another benefit is that you can have access to advisors from which you can take financial assistance. Apart from all these benefits, SoFi also provide unemployment protection, so you do not have to pay any installment if you do not have a job.

If you get approved, there are no better options than that. Although there requirements are more than the competitor’s sites but they also offer more benefits than the competitor’s sites.

2- LendKey

As the name suggests Lendkey is private company that was founded in 2007 and it enables people to get students loans for a lower interest rate and apply for consolidation and here you can also get home improvement loans. The company has a slightly different approval method than any other competitor company. The company partners with credit unions and banks to provide you the lowest possible interest rate. The facilities you can get depends upon your lender union as this company is a marketplace rather than a direct lender. Make sure you review all the term and conditions carefully because each company has its own term and conditions.

There are many benefits of using Lendkey, you can get fixed APR rate in between 3.15% to 8.79% depending upon your loan. You can get a loan of $5,000 to $300,000 depending upon your degree for a time period of 5 to 20 years. Whether you are have a federal loan or a private loan, whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate you are eligible to apply in both the cases. Another benefit that you can take is that when you subscribe for AutoPay, you will get a discount of 0.25% on your interest rate.

The company has a very good customer care service and is highly recommended by its users. One of the reasons to join is that if you have got a loan with a cosigner then if you pay on time for a year then your cosigner will automatically get removed.

3- Earnest

One of the best companies to refinance your private and federal loans is Earnest, the company is in business since 2013 and specializes in consolidation of student loans. You can get lower rates in comparison to other companies but the approval process can take more time because they do not only focus on Credit Score alone. Here you can get a fixed APR of 3.49% to 6.32% and a variable APR of 2.75% to 5.87%. You can get a minimum loan of $5,000 for a time period of in between 5 to 20 years. There is no limit for maximum debt amount. Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate, you are eligible to apply and one of the best thing about this company is that you have the ability of deferring payments for a time of 3 years.

If you have an amount of debt in student loan then this company is the most preferable and it also has one of the most flexible repayment options that you can use.

4- Discover Student Loans

The Student Loan Cooperation also known as Discover Student Loans was founded in 1992. You can only use this company if you are a permanent US citizen who is residing in the country. In the past you can use this company to get student loans but now you can also use this company to refinance your student loan. If you have a student loan of less than $150 k than you can use this company for a consolidation of your debt. The company brings in many benefits if you are using it to refinance your previous loan as you can get a fixed APR of 5.24% to 8.24% and a variable APR of 4.74% to 7.99%. One of the benefits is that they provide a 24/7 customer service to all the users and here you can refinance all kind of loans like all the companies listed above.

As with other mentioned companies, you need a very high score to be considered for a debt, here you can get a loan for a lower score and you can also get discount on your interest rate of 0.25% if you subscribe for AutoPay.

5- Splash Financial

One of the best companies that you can consolidate your student loan is Splash Financial. They are basically a third party loan providers as they connect you to banks and different other borrowers from which you can get loans on very low interest rates. This company work outs on your behalf and ask banks to provide loans for a lower interest rate than usual. The company also has a very user friendly website which you can use and on that site you can get a quote for yourself within 3 minutes and if you need a loan, then the entire process will only take a quarter of an hour. You can refinance any kind of student loan for a time period of 5 to 15 years with an interest rate as low as 3.75%. The amount of money that you can owe lies in between $7,500 to $300,000. If you are a graduate then you can also get discount from this company. To be considered for consolidation, you need a credit score above than 700.

6- College Ave

College Ave Student Loan company is one of the platform that you can use to get private loan. The company is in business since 2014. The company provides one of the lowest rates on student loans and has one of the most flexible repayment option if you compare with other companies in the list. Offering a low Fixed APR rate of 3.5% to 8% and a variable APR of 3.13% to 7.63% the company has one of the cheapest options. The minimum of amount of debt that you can owe from this company is $5,000 for a time period of 5 to 15 years. This can serve as a great platform to save money when it comes to refinance your student loans. Another benefit of this company is that if you are a Nationwide customer, you can simply take a discount of 0.5% on your interest rate. Thus it is the most under-rated and cheap platform to use.

So these are some of the options that you can consider while you want to consolidate you debt. Make sure you choose the best company in order to save most of the money. Do comment in the section below and let us know if you have any queries regarding the companies because we would love to hear from you.

Best of luck!

12 Most Easiest Ways To Make Money

Each and everyone of us love to make money, but most of us stay down by thinking that there’s no shortcut or making some extra money is pretty much harder. But no need to worry anymore because we have put our heads together and made up the list of 12 most easiest ways to make money. Simply stay with us and we will show you those 12 ways through which you guys can make money quickly.

Here you go!

  1. Online Surveys

One of the most speedily growing ways to make money online is to complete online surveys. Mostly students are earning some extra cash by simply filling out online surveys in their spare time and it’s quite easy too. There are many research companies who are always looking for new members throughout all over the world to hire them so they can so they can answer their surveys and test their newly launched products and give their reviews about them.

It will only take you few minutes to fill out a form or to complete a survey but in return of those few minutes you will get some quid which is paid as a cash or a reward. There are also some surveys in which you can earn $5.

Some of those sites are listed below:

  • Survey Junkie
  • LifePoint
  • Survey Bods
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Prolific
  • InboxPounds
  • Toluna
  • Panel Opinion
  • PineCone
  • Onepoll
  • I-Say
  • The Opinion Panel

“Also don’t forget to sign up for SwagBucks because SwagBucks not only rewards you for  completing surveys but it will also rewards you for simply surfing the web, watching videos and also playing games.

  1. Recycling Mobile Phones

Have you ever heard or thought of recycling mobile phones? Do you know that you can not only earn good money by recycling mobile phones also you can help the environment by recycling old mobile phones. You can also ask your parents if they are lying around too.

For more details you can head to our page on making money from old phones for the best companies to use and how you ensure to get all the cash quoted to you online.

  • Claiming Tax Back

We all know that there are many students who work part-time with their studies too or some of them works in the months of summer and other will be on pain internships or on placements. More usually than not and if you are a student and you are working during the year then that means that you are overpaying income tax.

Now most of people must be thinking WHY?  It is because barely few students reach the personal tax free income allowance each are but mostly are put on basic tax code by their employers which means tax is being paid when it shouldn’t be.

To figure it out more and calculate that how much tax back you might be due, see our guide on student tax refunds.

  1. Earn By Reviewing Money

If you are a music love then you can make it your business and you can earn through it by reviewing unsigned bands and artists online by using slicethepie.

Well it is true that it can take a while to build up your reputation there are some users of this site that have made up to $100 per month as they have told us that. We know this may not sound like much, but if you are a music lover then you will probably enjoy it and it also won’t be a hard work for you and will be an other thing for your resume. The money you gonna earn on this site will  be in $US but anyone can sign up and enjoy.

  1. Sell-Out Your Used Course Books

One of the greatest ways to make money is to buy books from the other students at the end of the year and then you can sell them out after the freshers week when the new batch of students know that they need them.

There are many ways in which you can sell out your used course books. Either you can list them up online on Amazon MarketPlace or you can advertise in your campus. By using these ways you can sell out your old course books and can earn some extra cash.

  1. Sell Your Photos

If you are good in area of photography then this is one of the best options for you to make some extra cash. Simply try uploading your photographs for free to stock websites. Adobe Photoshop and Getty Images are best options to have a good start.

By selling your photos to them you wil be able to build up your reputation and it would be a great start.

  • Rent Out Your House For Filming

TV serials directors and movie directors are always looking for houses to film in. for example you might have heard the name of the British TV serial known as coronation street, one scene of the coronation street was filmed in the student house, one of the save student editor used to live in.

By renting out your house for filming not only you will be able to make good money but it is kind of crazy to see your place on TV.

  • Mystery Shopping

To become a mystery shopper these days are much easier than you would think it is and by becoming a mystery shopper you can get rewarded handsomely.

There are many agencies that will pay you to visit all types of shops and restaurants to give your reviews on them that how they are performing.

Tasking apps are another form of mystery shopping where you can get rewarded for completing small local tasks. It can also be a pretty much fun.

  1. Rent Out Your Parking Space

There are some student accommodation which comes with a garage or drive. If you are not using your car parking area and you live in a busy area then you are pretty much lucky. There are many people who works in the city area and are tired of paying for the roof for everyday parking.

You can rent out your parking space by simply advertising your space on Gumtree, Parklet or Just Park and rent it out and start making some extra cash.

  1. Dog Babysitting & Walking

If babies aren’t your cup of tea then maybe canines are because dog babysitting is a big business. When others are at work and worried about their pets at home then there are many people who have free time during their day and especially students are free at  home when others are at work. By doing babysitting of dogs you can start earning by $15-$20 per hour and also it is a great way to keep fit.

  1. Charity Collector

Well, this one is a bit different from others because this job take a certain type of a person, because in this job you will  have to face a lots of rejections and be persistent. But in case if you are bubbly, reckon and personable then you could sell an ice to Eskimo and this could be actually a best way to make money for students. You get paid commissions on every new sign up which would be near about $30 – $40 typically.

Don’t forget to take a look on charity websites like Oxfam and Wesser.

  • Sell Your Stories & Videos

If you are good at writing interesting stories or you already have an interesting stories then you could try selling to the papers. It could be about anything from getting caught in horse clothes to sleeping with a professional footballer. One of the save the student team was pretty much unfortunate to have a pigeon fly and smash their window at university and sold out the story to the son for a clean $70.

You can do this too, you could film your friends at all the time and send it to you’ve been framed to earn a $400 and a few seconds fame for yourself.

So guys this was the 12 most easiest ways to make money for yourself and if you are having any financial issues then you can start working on any of these ways and start earning some extra cash for yourself. We would love to hear from you guys so drop a comment about how did this helped you out.

Good luck and have a nice day

How to Start Your New Financial Year

The New Year is coming very soon and like many other people you would be planning for your New Year celebrations and upcoming time and their challenges. New Year brings a new hope, it is like a new start. You feel motivated and plan for many new things in the upcoming year. You could plan for your financial independency and for that I will help you. In this article I will tell you about how you can become financially independent and strong. People always want to upgrade their financial status with the passage of time and I am sure you will also be looking to search ways to improve your financial status. So starting from the 1st,

Know What You Are

To improve your financial status first you should know that who you are and where you stand because the road to a better future starts from where you are today. You would not be able to create a road map unless you know where you are. So to start a new financial year you should know where you stand. Evaluation of your current status will help you to make a road map to follow, you will be able to set your goals and one day you will be able to achieve your goals effectively. Before starting your new year ask yourself question like do you bought a new house? Do you have a car?  Are you debt free now? And if your answer to these questions in no then it should be yes in the upcoming year. Believe yourself and work to achieve your goals.

There are many online tools and websites that you can use to evaluate your financial years. A lot of these websites are free and easy to use. Personal Capital and are these kind of websites. You can link your all accounts to this one place and it will tell you about what your financial picture look like. These websites will tell you where you spend your money and what income you have from all your account and what your net worth is! So before making a start you should capitalize from these tools and should know where you stand in your financial picture.

Saving Goals

Money saving is vital step in the financial progress of a person. I was the one who never tried to save money in my early times but when I was left alone with a lot of debt then it was the only option left to me. This was the time when I got to know that money saving is a very important step for any person’s financial success. So I decided to start saving money so I could never get in debt again. There are ways that will help you to save money but the first and the most important one is to set a goal. Set a point which you want to reach and your time limit. This will help you to carve a road map for your destination. Your saving goal could be anything you could set your goal to buy a new house or buying a car or paying off your debt if you are in debt. You can use some of the digital apps like Digit, Capital One 360 and SmartyPig to take help in setting goals and putting your money in right places.

Kill your Debt!

This is one of the most vital step before starting the New Year. You need to kill your debt and kill it very hard so it could never get in to your life again. You need to hit your debt very hard before the New Year. The holiday session is passing and if you are in debt and have bought new items and increased your debt then this should be your utmost priority to get over your debt. There are hundreds of methods you can pay off your debt easily so you would be doing it as the first priority because this debt is increasing day by day as the interest rate increases every year.

Make your Budget

Budget is your financial goal. Creating your budget is a very important step for financial sustainability, it gives you a road map to you to spend your money. I know many people do not like to make a budget because they think that it will cage their extra expenses. So that is the difference between financially stabled and unstable persons. Because every financially stabled person has always created his budget and has taken care of his earning to come to he stage where they are.

Creating a budget is very important to a person’s life because if you do not know that where your earnings are going then you cannot control your expenditures. How would you control your expenditures if you do not know where are you spending and you do not have a proper record? In order to know you have to make a budget and in that budget you will get know that where are you spending extra money and which expense you have to cut off.

When you create a budget, it helps you to stay determined and focused and gives you a road map to follow. Do not worry if your budget fails for one or two times, try to stick to your budget to fulfil your financial dreams. This is the only way to keep yourself motivated towards your financial goals. So before starting a New Year create a new budget and stick to it.

Eradicate Habits that kills your Budget

It is not that easy as it is looking. With the term eradicate I want you to kill your habits that is destroying your budget every month. There are many habits of you that are not good for your budget like going hungry in the grocery store or going to buy a particular item in the store and coming out with hand full of bags. So to avoid these type of situation you would have to make a proper plan and set a time period to eradicate it because you cannot just overcome it in a single night you would have to make a plan and keep yourself focused for days or months or even years. But you should do it one by one and pick that habit that is in the first at the list of habits destroying your budget. So on this New Year you should start to work on this and your utmost priority should be the habit with extreme loss.

Search for New Income Ideas

You cannot just depend completely upon on your single job to achieve something bigger and it is never a good idea to only look for a job of higher pay to achieve your goals. You should not only do this you should start working and you should work to the maximum hours you can. There are hundreds and thousands of side hustle that you can do to boost your income. In the start this would test your patience and take your time but you would have to be very determined. Many people think that this could be very difficult but the only difficulty is taking a start as you would take a start you would not face any difficulty from then onwards. To achieve your goal of financial stability in the New Year, put yourself in a challenging situation where you would have to work for several jobs and even work while others sleep and enjoy. So go and search for side hustles from this New Year and achieve your goal before the New Year.

So these were some of the thing you need to mark before your New Year to achieve your goals of financial success. One thing you must do is to you should take care of yourself first. Taking care of yourself means your health, your relationships and other matters of life that need to be fixed as they play an important part in your life because it is not about wealth and money alone you need to be happy while having all these things. So not only focusing on your wealth you should also focus on your life so that you could enjoy what you achieve.

You would have seen people who make plans every year that they would buy a new house or they would lose weight or they would certainly achieve any goal. But as the year passes by they get bored and do not follow their plans so this New Year you should not be doing anything like that you should keep yourself focused and determined in all the months of the year so that at the end of the year you could get that what you have thought for yourself.

Drop your comments in the comment section below and do share your experience or thoughts on how you would be starting your New Year and what difficulties have you faced in achieving your goals last year.

Have a good day!

6 Effective Methods to save on Living Expenditures

Like many people you would also want to save money and like others you would be aware of the importance of money saving and how it can change your life. But the problem comes here that you are not able to fulfill what you say and want to achieve a big goal like buying a new house and a car or going to a world tour but you are not able to save till now. If the scenes are like that then in this article I have a solution to your these problems I will tell you about how easily you can save on your living expenditures. Many people think that they are paying the right amount on their living expenditures but they end in a very big debt just to maintain a certain type of life style that they cannot afford. They tend to live much beyond their earnings and end with big debts and a lot depression. So here in this article I will tell you about 6 ideas to save more on your living expenditures so that you could maintain a happy life. There are many ways you can save you should keep your determination strong and always look to save from everything you do, starting from the 1st,

1- Search for the Best

Always search for the best price before shopping. You should make an approach of shopping online because it is quite easier and effective and you can save more through that because there are online tools and websites that will help you to find coupons and discounts online and you will be able to receive cash backs on every item you buy by some of the websites. There are some extension for your browser that work when you are about to check out and they then give you the coupons or discounts from all over the internet. Using these simple techniques you can save a very good amount.

There are online websites on which you can compare the rates of things you are going to buy and they can compare you for anything you want and if you do not find a comparison you can also ask for it! Because of the competition the companies will love you to give the best rate and will provide you the possible offers available. So instead of staying back and getting lazy you should compare the price of your services, your insurance and almost each and everything you buy because these comparison can help you to save a lot of money for your future.

2- Heating/Cooling cost

Getting your house chilled in the summers is not a difficult task while you have an air conditioner in your home but this facility can cost you a big amount every month in your utility bills. You can save on that by doing some simple tricks like you should turn off the air conditioner in the night and open the windows while there is a cool breeze outside and instead of keeping your air conditioner on all the time you should go for the ceiling fan in times where the temperature is much better and you can save up to 10% on you air conditioner bill every month just by increasing 2 Degrees up. So these simple tricks in summers can help you to decrease your utility bills and save you much.

In case of winters when you have to keep your house warmer to survive you can save more on days when it is cold outside but it is not freezing by just turning off the heater and wearing another layer of clothes on you. You will be amazed to know that you can save up to $90 to $100 a month through this simple method. One other important method to save money in this regard is to shift your old thermostat to the new programmable thermostat because that will decrease your utility bills to a very big amount.

So by doing these simple hacks you can save a lot of money in the summers and winters on your cooling and heating bills.

3- Your Services

Keep a very close eye on what you spend on your subscriptions like Cable TV, Mobile phone subscription and the internet. You can save on your these services by checking if there is a provider that is giving all these services that helps you to save more because it becomes easy to pay and having one provider for all services you can achieve discounts on payments and many companies which provide these services offer deals to costumers for taking more services. Hence you can save up to $30 a month by doing this. One thing you should keep in your mind is that you should not subscribe to the service which you do not use often only pay for those services which you will use and in order to avail services in a combination make sure you are saving more than you are paying now. One other thing you can do is that you can cancel you Cable TV subscription and move it to mobile applications of TV channels that are completely free. Thus you will be able to save the whole Cable fee.

4- Keep Track of your Spending

In order to know that if you are doing well on your budget you need to know that where are you spending your money. You need to keep track of your spending on regular basis in order to achieve your budget because through this you will be able to save the amount as you listed in your budget. You should keep track of where you are spending your money in order to check if you are spending more on grocery or are you wasting your money in buying useless stuff and by skipping that you could save that money and use it in a much better way. There are many online tools and features of websites that helps you to track your spending and gives you free advice on where to cut off and where to spend that saving. Tools like personal Capital can help you to keep a track of your spending on regular basis and it is a very effective one.

5- Entertainment Budget

It is the time to examine your entertainment budget, how much do you spend on entertainment?

Many of the people spend hundreds of dollars monthly on their entertainment budget, if you are one of those then you should check your entertainment list, you should replace ideas of entertainment that cost less with the ideas or ways that cost more. For example you could skip movies and can watch it on your own movie theater in your home with your friends and after that you could eat at home. So in these type of situation you can save more and instead of going to a vacation you should try to entertain yourself in a way which is cheaper. Thus the idea is to entertain yourself as cheaper as you can!

6- Stay at your Home

Staying at your home in your free time and holidays is a very effective money saving method. You should be thinking how? The answer to your question is that when you will skip to go to a movie outside you will save. When you will skip going out with your friends on a party or to a bar for drinking and try to stay at home then you will also save a lot. To do this you need a good motivation and saving goals. Although this is quite difficult but when you want to achieve your saving goals then you have to do it and motivate yourself on daily basis in order to keep yourself focused.

So these were the 6 quick and easy money saving methods to save on your living expenditures. By applying these methods you will be able to save a lot of cash and the chance to get in debt will also be eliminated that means you can afford a lifestyle you want easily. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of saving money on your living expenditures through these easy methods. We will be waiting to hear from you.

Have a good Day!