12 Most Easiest Ways To Make Money

Each and everyone of us love to make money, but most of us stay down by thinking that there’s no shortcut or making some extra money is pretty much harder. But no need to worry anymore because we have put our heads together and made up the list of 12 most easiest ways to make money. Simply stay with us and we will show you those 12 ways through which you guys can make money quickly.

Here you go!

  1. Online Surveys

One of the most speedily growing ways to make money online is to complete online surveys. Mostly students are earning some extra cash by simply filling out online surveys in their spare time and it’s quite easy too. There are many research companies who are always looking for new members throughout all over the world to hire them so they can so they can answer their surveys and test their newly launched products and give their reviews about them.

It will only take you few minutes to fill out a form or to complete a survey but in return of those few minutes you will get some quid which is paid as a cash or a reward. There are also some surveys in which you can earn $5.

Some of those sites are listed below:

  • Survey Junkie
  • LifePoint
  • Survey Bods
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Prolific
  • InboxPounds
  • Toluna
  • Panel Opinion
  • PineCone
  • Onepoll
  • I-Say
  • The Opinion Panel

“Also don’t forget to sign up for SwagBucks because SwagBucks not only rewards you for  completing surveys but it will also rewards you for simply surfing the web, watching videos and also playing games.

  1. Recycling Mobile Phones

Have you ever heard or thought of recycling mobile phones? Do you know that you can not only earn good money by recycling mobile phones also you can help the environment by recycling old mobile phones. You can also ask your parents if they are lying around too.

For more details you can head to our page on making money from old phones for the best companies to use and how you ensure to get all the cash quoted to you online.

  • Claiming Tax Back

We all know that there are many students who work part-time with their studies too or some of them works in the months of summer and other will be on pain internships or on placements. More usually than not and if you are a student and you are working during the year then that means that you are overpaying income tax.

Now most of people must be thinking WHY?  It is because barely few students reach the personal tax free income allowance each are but mostly are put on basic tax code by their employers which means tax is being paid when it shouldn’t be.

To figure it out more and calculate that how much tax back you might be due, see our guide on student tax refunds.

  1. Earn By Reviewing Money

If you are a music love then you can make it your business and you can earn through it by reviewing unsigned bands and artists online by using slicethepie.

Well it is true that it can take a while to build up your reputation there are some users of this site that have made up to $100 per month as they have told us that. We know this may not sound like much, but if you are a music lover then you will probably enjoy it and it also won’t be a hard work for you and will be an other thing for your resume. The money you gonna earn on this site will  be in $US but anyone can sign up and enjoy.

  1. Sell-Out Your Used Course Books

One of the greatest ways to make money is to buy books from the other students at the end of the year and then you can sell them out after the freshers week when the new batch of students know that they need them.

There are many ways in which you can sell out your used course books. Either you can list them up online on Amazon MarketPlace or you can advertise in your campus. By using these ways you can sell out your old course books and can earn some extra cash.

  1. Sell Your Photos

If you are good in area of photography then this is one of the best options for you to make some extra cash. Simply try uploading your photographs for free to stock websites. Adobe Photoshop and Getty Images are best options to have a good start.

By selling your photos to them you wil be able to build up your reputation and it would be a great start.

  • Rent Out Your House For Filming

TV serials directors and movie directors are always looking for houses to film in. for example you might have heard the name of the British TV serial known as coronation street, one scene of the coronation street was filmed in the student house, one of the save student editor used to live in.

By renting out your house for filming not only you will be able to make good money but it is kind of crazy to see your place on TV.

  • Mystery Shopping

To become a mystery shopper these days are much easier than you would think it is and by becoming a mystery shopper you can get rewarded handsomely.

There are many agencies that will pay you to visit all types of shops and restaurants to give your reviews on them that how they are performing.

Tasking apps are another form of mystery shopping where you can get rewarded for completing small local tasks. It can also be a pretty much fun.

  1. Rent Out Your Parking Space

There are some student accommodation which comes with a garage or drive. If you are not using your car parking area and you live in a busy area then you are pretty much lucky. There are many people who works in the city area and are tired of paying for the roof for everyday parking.

You can rent out your parking space by simply advertising your space on Gumtree, Parklet or Just Park and rent it out and start making some extra cash.

  1. Dog Babysitting & Walking

If babies aren’t your cup of tea then maybe canines are because dog babysitting is a big business. When others are at work and worried about their pets at home then there are many people who have free time during their day and especially students are free at  home when others are at work. By doing babysitting of dogs you can start earning by $15-$20 per hour and also it is a great way to keep fit.

  1. Charity Collector

Well, this one is a bit different from others because this job take a certain type of a person, because in this job you will  have to face a lots of rejections and be persistent. But in case if you are bubbly, reckon and personable then you could sell an ice to Eskimo and this could be actually a best way to make money for students. You get paid commissions on every new sign up which would be near about $30 – $40 typically.

Don’t forget to take a look on charity websites like Oxfam and Wesser.

  • Sell Your Stories & Videos

If you are good at writing interesting stories or you already have an interesting stories then you could try selling to the papers. It could be about anything from getting caught in horse clothes to sleeping with a professional footballer. One of the save the student team was pretty much unfortunate to have a pigeon fly and smash their window at university and sold out the story to the son for a clean $70.

You can do this too, you could film your friends at all the time and send it to you’ve been framed to earn a $400 and a few seconds fame for yourself.

So guys this was the 12 most easiest ways to make money for yourself and if you are having any financial issues then you can start working on any of these ways and start earning some extra cash for yourself. We would love to hear from you guys so drop a comment about how did this helped you out.

Good luck and have a nice day

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