11 Effective and Legit Ways of Getting Free Stuff

Today, I am going to tell you about 11 of the most legit ways by which you can get your hands on free stuff. To get free stuff you can simply join rewards programmes, could take surveys and much more. The free stuff that you may get includes movies, gift cards, food, hotel rooms and groceries. We usually need a lot of stuff in our daily life and many a times we are looking for discount and offers so that we could stay in our budget. But how amazing would it be, if we could get the things for free. So, let’s start,

Sample Products

One of the simplest way of getting your hands on free stuff is to look for sample products. There are a number of ways by which you can get sample products, you can simply search online for sample products from the manufacturer’s sites and big manufacturers like Procter & Gamble and Unilever will mail you the sample products. Another place to get free samples online is MegaFreeStuff.co.uk and Amazon, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can buy sample boxes in a number of different categories and the amount you will spend on these items will be adjusted in to your Amazon account as Amazon Credit that could be redeemed for selected items.

You can also get samples from your local stores, wholesale clubs are one of the best place where you can get free samples. For example, you can visit Costco, Nordstrom and Macy’s to get free samples.


Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are not only the places to buy stuff, you can also get free stuff from them if you know how. By simply searching the sites like craigslist, Facebook and Nextdoor you can find a lot of free stuff. Sometimes people want to get rid of a thing so badly that they won’t wait for a buyer to come, they simply give that for free so that they could get rid of it. So you can easily find this type of advertisement where people are giving their stuff for free. The stuff you can get for free from these sites may include appliances, plans, furniture etc.


Library Card

Your library card is not limited to the library and books and it could help you to get your hands on free stuff. A library card can help you to get access of educational and entertainment resources. You can get audiobooks, games, movies, music, classes, museums and more from your valid library card.


Online Surveys

One of the simplest way of getting free stuff is to fill up online survey forms. All you need is a limited time in your daily routine and you only need to provide your opinion about a specific topic and for this you can get gift cards, cash and entries in sweepstakes. You can take your start from sites like Global Test Market or Swagbucks.


Credit Card Rewards

If you have rewards credit card then it is the time to cash in on your credit card rewards. You get points for every euro you spend and the points can be redeemed for things like gift cards, hotel stays and flights. Each card has its own advantages, so you need to check your options that what kind of facilities and free stuff you could get from your credit card.


Loyalty Programmes

If you are regular customer of a store or a retailer then you must sign up for their loyalty program because most of the stores are willing to give away discounts and offers to their loyal customers. You can enjoy special treats on your birthday from your favourite retailers and you can also get special offers based on the amount you sent. You can get stuff like free food, free shipping, gift cards and movies tickets.


Food Holidays

Do you know that there is a food holiday for almost every food in the country, so this could be your chance to get your hands on free food. Almost every restaurant participate in this food event and thus they either give it away for free or they hold a discount on that food. You can get updates from social media pages of the restaurants and food chains. For instance, Cinnabon is a restaurant that participated in the National Coffee day in September and gave away a free cup of coffee to every customer.


Freebies or Cashback Apps

The freebies and cashbacks apps can help you save hundreds of euros easily. An app named as Shopkick will pay you for visiting stores, making purchases or even viewing products. You will earn points for all the activities and you can then redeem these for gift cards that could be used on famous retailers like Target and Starbucks.



Coupons can help you to get discounts on a variety of different products but coupons are not only limited to this as they can help you to get freebies too. Many brands and famous stores have offers like buy one get one free, free items or free gift with a purchase. So a coupon is required to avail these offers which you can get from online sources or you can wait for the Sunday newspaper to get your hands on the coupons.



Sweepstakes are one of the easy way of getting free stuff by investing a very little amount or sometimes even for free. You can get amazing gifts like concert tickets, vacations, gift cards and even a dream home. There is a little chance of winning in some type of sweepstakes but I still encourage you to join these sweepstakes because they are easier to join and if you win the reward is much higher. Sometimes you can enter a sweepstake by only tagging a brand or sometime by leaving a product review. So always look for sweepstakes from your favourite companies and make sure that you read all the term and conditions before entering a sweepstake so that it is worth it.


Free trails Subscriptions

There are many subscriptions that offer free trails for their services, although they could be expensive at times but you can control it by only using the service in trail period. You can get your hands on free audiobooks, snacks, free TV, music streaming, coffee and meals by just signing up for free trails. If you sign up for Netflix, they offer a free one month trail and the crunch fitness also offers a one day free gym pass. You can avail all these free trails but make sure that you cancel on the right time so that you won’t be charged.


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